Celebrating Our Journey, Volume 13

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A collection of life stories written by Oklahoma adult learners

Another opportunity to showcase Oklahoma learners and provide evidence of the impact of literacy programs!

The Office of Literacy Development is pleased to announce the 2023 publication of Volume 13 of Celebrating Our Journey. This hugely successful series will again showcase the thoughts and writings of Oklahoma adult learners.

This writing project will help improve reading, writing and critical thinking skills of learners and show your community the positive impact of the literacy program. Adult learners and their tutors/teachers are encouraged to work together in writing, typing, editing, and submitting the story.

All active learners from your program regardless of reading or writing level are invited to participate.

Here are the details:

The 2023 publication will feature four topic options:                                      

(1) Goals
(2) Advice
(3) Looking Forward
(4) Poetry
(5) Instructors

1. Each learner is invited to submit one original story.

2. Stories should be titled and limited to 300 words.

3. Tutors, instructors and/or a program representative should review the submitted stories to assist the learners with correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

4. Typed stories in Word format should be emailed to rebecca.barker@libraries.ok.gov

5. A release form signed by the learner should be maintained in the local program files.

6. Photographs of the authors may be included in the book if they are high resolution, quality photos

7. Stories and photos must be submitted by May 30, 2023.

8. The books will be ready for distribution in the fall. Each author will receive two books and their tutor will receive a copy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to include stories by learners from your program in the 2023 publication.

See the following sections for suggestions and additional information.

Questions?   Email rebecca.barker@libraries.ok.gov or call 522-3205 or 800-522-8116.

Celebrating Our Journey, Volume 13
A collection of life stories written by Oklahoma adult learners

Talk with learners about the topics that will be featured in the book. If they need direction, they might use a story starter.


Learners are often inspired when asked to tell about their goals in life.

Possible Story Starters:

  • If I could do one thing….
  • I’ve always wanted to ….


Encourage learners to talk about advice from someone they admire.

Possible Story Starters

  • I will always remember the advice…
  • The best advice I’ve ever been given…

Looking Forward

Recovering from the impact of COVID 19, learners may describe the future after this challenging time.

Possible Story starter

  • After a difficult season, I’m looking forward to…


Many learners enjoy expressing themselves with poetry. Increased vocabulary and grammar skills are the result as they speak for themselves through poetry. There are some great suggestions at https://tinyurl.com/ffebswyk

Each author and tutor will receive a free copy of Celebrating Our Journey. Each program will receive copies to present to funders, media, legislators, etc.

Mark the May 30 deadline on your calendar. Share this project with tutors and learners. Encourage participation. Help make Volume 13 the best yet!

This project is possible thanks to funding from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Celebrating Our Journey, Volume 13
Release Form

I give permission to the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and the Institute of Museum and Library Services to use my story and photograph (if applicable) in literacy and library publications, websites, reports, and literacy awareness activities. I understand that I will not receive payment.


Print Name

Literacy/Education Program

To Program Representative:
Submit only stories which have a signed released form. Maintain release forms in your program files.