About OLC

OLC Supports Literacy Efforts Statewide.

The Oklahoma Literacy Coalition (OLC) champions the ongoing development of adult literacy services by providing tools for:

  • Student empowerment
  • Tutor recognitionstudents smiling
  • Networking opportunities
  • Education for literacy leaders
  • Advocacy for a more literate Oklahoma

What is the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition?

The Oklahoma Literacy Coalition, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization, incorporated in 1986, for the sole purpose of promoting a more literate Oklahoma and supporting individuals and organizations offering literacy services.

Who are the members of the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition?

The Coalition is made up of nonprofit community-based literacy programs, state agencies, universities, libraries, correctional facilities, civic organizations, and the business community. Individual memberships are presented to tutors, instructors, board members, volunteers, adult learners, and concerned citizens.

How does the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition help?

The Coalition supports its individual and organizational members in a variety of ways. An annual statewide conference provides continuing education for tutors, educators, adult learners, and literacy leaders.

Literacy awareness information is provided to members of state and local government and the media. Partnerships with agencies, businesses, and public and private organizations provide valuable resources for local literacy efforts. Finally, the Coalition provides a forum for networking and information exchange between the leaders of Oklahoma’s literacy effort.

Special Literacy Awards

Awards recognize outstanding tutors, literacy leaders, local contributors, adult learners, and supportive media thus heightening awareness regarding literacy efforts.

Who supports the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition?

The Oklahoma Literacy Coalition receives support from its membership, through grants from foundations and organizations, from various fundraising efforts, and through proceeds generated by the annual state conference registrations.

How is the organization governed?

Member organizations are elected to the board on a rotating basis during its annual meeting. Board members serve three-year terms and meet a minimum of five times annually. Officers are elected to serve two-year terms.