Literacy Networking

Dawn Endel, Teacher for EMJJ

1. Can you share a personal story or experience that has had a significant impact on your commitment to adult literacy?

We had a Literacy client who made CASAS gains to the point that she moved to GED classes about three months ago.  She is now preparing to take her first GED test.

2. How do you personally stay motivated and engaged in your work, especially during challenging times?

Continued education such as webinars for instructor actively seek out new ideas for the classroom. Based on student interest guest speakers for practical matters, i.e. how to buy a car generate student questions and forums within the classroom to highlight problem solving abilities and build community between students.

3. Can you describe the specific programs and services your organization offers to support adult learners and promote literacy skills (i.e., ESL, Literacy, Citizenship, HSE, Digital, Health, and how they are delivered, i.e., one-on-one, small groups, classes)?

EMJJ advocated for ESL students in class as there were issues that arose that were outside of classroom parameters, but we attempted to assist by creating other contacts for the student.

4. Could you share a specific success story of an adult learner who has gone through your program and achieved significant

Having a small class with an opportunity for more one-on-one was helpful in helping this student succeed.

5. What is your most effective method to recruit new students?

NA; this is a TANF program.

6. How do you keep your current students engaged so that they keep attending classes?


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