2022 Members


Organization Members are listed below in blue. Each blue name is a link to learn more about our organization members. Individual Members belonging to that organization are listed under the organization's name.

Individual Members not associated with an Organization Member are listed under OLC.

OLC Color Horizontal

» Kathryn Anderson
» Monica Andrews

» Ashley Bates

» Penny Chastain
» Phil Collins
» Heather Hutto
» Danny Morgan

» Joshua Payne
» Fred Smith
» Lori Smith
» Laura Taylor

Bartlesville Public Library Literacy Services
» Cheryl Dorris
» Karen Kerr-McGraw
» Ivonne Leap

Community Literacy Centers
» Dana Kelso
» Elizabeth Willner

Creek County Literacy Program
» Melissa Struttmann

Duncan Area Literacy Council
» Joy Billingsley
» Mary Brancich
» Jacquelyn Carson

Great Plains Literacy Council
» Elizabeth Benavides
» Bruce Davis
» Katherine Hale
» Beatriz McDonald
» Ruth Ortega
» Beatrice Rivera

Hinton Public Library
» Taylor Meriwether

Metropolitan Library System
» Kimberly Boldt

Metro Technology Centers
» Soncearay Higgins

OIC of Oklahoma County
» DesJean Jones

OKC Metro Literacy Coalition
» Jana Steelman

Oklahoma Department of Libraries
» Rebecca Barker
» Leslie Gelders

Premier Edge Resources
» Leighanne Crites

Ruth G Hardman Adult Literacy Service
» Billy Colson
» Jenn Wells

Seminole Public Library
» Jeanette Kennedy

Thick Descriptions
» Suzette Chang