Taylor Meriwether

Taylor Meriwether wants to live in a world where librarians aren’t expected to be quiet and “shush” people. She is the accidental library director at the Hinton Public Library where she has happily been for over seven years. Taylor can be found at the library planning programs, messing with some sort of technology or playing with the library dragon, Toothless. She prides herself in being the mother of Superman (Clark), the wife of a mad scientist and the human mom to her small zoo of animals both furry and scaly.

Hinton Library

Susan Reynolds

Susan Reynolds

Language Learning Fellowship
Vice President

Joy Billingsley

Joy Billingsley Duncan Area Literacy Council

Duncan Area Literacy Council

Melissa M. Struttmann


Creek County Literacy Program


Karen Kerr-McGraw Bartlesville Public Library Literacy Services

Karen Kerr-McGraw

Bartlesville Public Library Literacy Service

Cheryl Dorris Barlesville Public Library Literacy Services

Cheryl Dorris-Alternate

Bartlesville Public Library Literacy Service

Sharon Barnes has been serving as the Assistant Director at Watonga Public Library for 26 years, where she does cataloging, interlibrary loans, paperback acquisitions and customer service. Her other responsibilities include coordinating and overseeing Read Time, a weekly after school program for local first and second graders and organizing the yearly Friends of the Library Book Sale. Sharon was honored to receive the OLA support staff person of the year award in 2012.

Sharon Barnes

Chris Smola Literacy Council


Dana Kelso

Community Literacy Centers

Ashley Kyle Durant Fiends of the Library

Ashley Nunley

Durant Friends Literacy Program

Scott McCutchan FCI-El Reno

Scott McCutchan

FCI - El Reno

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Ruth Ortega

Great Plains Literacy Council


Billy Colson

Learner Representative

Kelley Riha 
Metropolitan Library System

Kelley Riha

Metropolitan Library System

Susan Bernard is the High School Equivalency Coordinator of the Oklahoma City Community College Adult Learning Center. She is also the author and publisher of GED®, HSE, and ESL curriculum with the “I’m Not Afraid . . . Anymore!” series. It has been her great pleasure over the years to lead her students out of the land of fear and into the land of success.

Susan Bernard

OCCC Adult Learning Center

Rebecca Barker
ODL literacy Resource Office

Rebecca Barker

ODL – Literacy Resource Office

DesJean Jones is the Executive Director for OIC of Oklahoma County, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring adult students. She has a background in advertising, operations, planning, curriculum, and training. DesJean received her formal education from OSU and Langston University where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master’s Degree from the University of Texas-Dallas. She is a ACC-certified coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and focuses on “unsticking the stuck” through life coaching and career coaching.

DesJean Jones

OIC of OK County

Edel Godwin Rogers County Literacy Council

Edel Godwin

Rogers County Literacy Council

Jenn Wells is the manager of the Ruth G. Hardman Adult Literacy Service, a department of the Tulsa City-County Library. Prior to that, she has been a shelver, children’s librarian, library branch manager, and library director, and has worked in libraries and literacy for over 15 years.

Jenn Wells

Ruth G Hardman Adult Literacy Service


Jeanette Kennedy

Seminole Public Library

Mrs. Chang's focus is the politics of human identity and how “labels” influence and impact humans as we function and interact with each other. She gives specific attention to “historical labels”, their meaning during the past and how those meanings impact the present and shape our understandings of the future. Suzette has a Masters in Cultural Anthropology and a Masters in Library and Information Studies from the University of Oklahoma.

Suzette Chang

Thick Descriptions